We Couldn’t Do It

We Couldn’t Do It
December 21, 2017 Ric Shields

A Simply Sisters Basket

In 2017, Simply Sisters made and distributed over 50 beautiful gift baskets and bags filled with items meant to help and encourage the ladies who received them. There were hugs, tears, and grateful hearts – not only by those who received them, but in those who prepared and gave the baskets and bags.


But we couldn’t do it.


Ladies at a Simply Sisters Tea

In Mexico, Argentina, and Australia nearly 650 women heard the life stories shared by our team members. Scores of them made new or renewed commitments to follow and honor Jesus with their lives. There were hugs, tears, and grateful hearts – not only by those who heard them, but in those who told the stories.


But we couldn’t do it.


Egypt Church Leadership Conference

In Egypt, 175 pastors and church leaders, representing 9,000 church-members, received Bible-based training about change and leadership. There were hugs, smiles, and grateful hearts – not

only by the pastors and church leaders but by those who presented the ministry sessions.


But we couldn’t do it.


It is completely true. We couldn’t do it without the generous support of partners and friends who believe in the ministry God has entrusted to us. It would be impossible. Ministry opportunities to teach, share life stories, and encourage believers wait for us in Cuba, Africa, Argentina, and Mexico in the year ahead. But we can’t do it. Without the prayer support of those who feel called to stand beside us by kneeling with us, our efforts will be futile.


Thank you for helping to make 2017 a fantastic year of international and local ministry. WE DID IT because of the love and support of our partners and friends who helped to make it all possible.


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