If History Repeats Itself

If History Repeats Itself
February 21, 2018 Ric Shields

If history repeats itself, we will participate in ministry outreaches to over 3,500 people this summer in Mexico City. More importantly, nearly 600 people will make professions of faith in Jesus. Local churches will follow-up on 100% of the people who attend our outreaches.

These are not events where we draw a crowd and preach to them from a distant platform. Rather, they are very relational with predominately person-to-person interactions. We learn the names of those who attend and share our names with them. We hear their stories. We touch them and they touch us…not only with a handshake but heart-to-heart. Over the years many tears have been shed in these outreaches, especially by our outreach team members.

Pray now. Jesus can use your heart and talents if you will allow it. We take dentists and doctors, teachers and technicians, hairstylists and helpers, nurses and nobodies. Surely, you will fit in that group somewhere…just like I do.

You should join us this summer in Mexico City. Your heart will be touched and your life will be changed as you touch and change the lives of others. That’s what we are called to do and why we provide opportunities like this for our friends and partners.

We are blessed to minister with Operation Serve International in Mexico City and have partnered with them in over 40 outreaches for the past 26 years. We financially support them; not just because they are available to facilitate our ministry but because we trust them. As much as we want to help fulfill their vision for ministry, they are equally interested in ours, too.

July 7-14 or July 21-28 works for us. Which dates work for you? Send me a note or call 918.808.5461 and we’ll make a difference together.


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