Norma Arrived a Little Late

Norma Arrived a Little Late
November 20, 2019 Ric Shields

April 2019

Dear Partners & Friends,

Norma arrived a little late for our last tea in Buenos Aires. As our team members shared their stories of how the Lord has helped them in difficult situations, her heart was moved. Afterwards, she shared her thoughts with Rachel Martinke, our new Associate Director of Simply Sisters®.

“Sometimes we think our lives are so hard – and so dark – and it feels like we are all alone. But having you here today and hearing your stories helps us to know we are not alone. We are not the only ones to go through hard times and we can find hope and come out stronger on the other side.”

Stories like this were heard over-and-over again from the nearly 325 women who attended our events in Buenos Aires. One woman who attended the first evening had never been in a church before. Days earlier, she had been medically evaluated due to lumps in her breasts. Following the meeting, she received a mammogram and the bewildered doctor told her, “I don’t see anything anymore.” She attributes her healing to having attended the event and receiving prayer.

Others were deeply moved by the testimonies of our team members. Some wept openly as they heard the stories of God’s love and grace.

Photo of Simply Sisters event in Buenos Aires

A Simply Sisters event in Buenos Aires – so many stories of God’s love and grace.

Your support helps to make opportunities like this possible for Norma and all of those who attended. Thank you for the financial and prayer support that makes outreaches like this possible.

Because of all you do, we do all we can to share the love, grace, and joy found in following Jesus wherever we go.


Ric & Sheila Shields


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