They Can’t Afford to Miss it!

They Can’t Afford to Miss it!
November 20, 2019 Ric Shields

My sincere thanks to those who have already helped make the upcoming trip to Egypt possible. I remain just $2,000 short of underwriting the expenses for an additional 20 pastors/leaders in this special cohort.

While most of the pastors/leaders cannot afford to attend this week-long session, neither can they afford to miss it. With salaries as low as $200/month, the $100 cost (tuition, food, and accommodations) to attend is beyond their means.

Logos University Cohort

Logos University Cohort in Egypt

With just a few days remaining before I travel to Egypt, I hope you will consider sending a generous gift to DoorWays® to help with their expenses.

This session will train cohort members how to identify temperaments and spiritual gifts in themselves and others. We’ll also tackle behavioral patterns in order to best understand those serving in local churches. When people serve in their proper giftings, organizations experience their best results and are on the path to a healthy, live-giving future. The leaders and churches in Egypt need this training to flourish in the days ahead.

Sheila will lead another Simply Sisters® team to Mexico City from October 5-12 (she leaves the same day I return from Cairo…but I won’t get back before she leaves). That team will provide encouragement and hope to hundreds of ladies in under-served, poverty-stricken areas around Mexico City. Historically, some 50% of the invited guests place their faith in Christ at these events. The cost of her trip is about $1,500 for travel and ground fees and an another $800 for outreach expenses.

The generous, faithful support of our friends and partners makes our ministries possible. Because of all you do, we do all we can to share the love, grace, mercy, and joy found in following Jesus wherever we go.


Ric Shields


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