We Have the Money to Help Ukraine

We Have the Money to Help Ukraine
March 12, 2022 Ric Shields

We have money. Not enough to solve all of the problems, but enough to help Ukrainians who are struggling against aggression in their homeland.

Photo Credit: Reuters

I spoke two hours ago with a friend; a missionary-physician now serving on the border of Ukraine and Poland. As we spoke by phone her voice broke. “I’m trying to buy morphine to send back into Ukraine to treat those wounded in the fighting.” She also shared that their ministry center’s van had been carrying people out of Ukraine and into Poland non-stop for the past several days. It has now broken down and she is trying to find the funds to get it repaired in order to save more people from the inevitable invasion. “The Ukrainians will fight to keep every square inch of their country, regardless of the cost. I’m trying to do all I can to help.” Her voice cracked again when she admitted, “We are exhausted, but the need is overwhelming.”

She and her family left their ministry center in Kyiv (Kiev) just prior to the Russian invasion, leaving behind a missions/medical center, team members, and their home. They don’t know when they will return or what they will find.

I want to encourage her and the staff that is still in Ukraine. I want to help today.

Our board of trustees unanimously agrees. DoorWays® will match, dollar-for-dollar, up to $5,000 to help meet this need. Together, we can send at least $10,000 to help. As always, we will not hold back any administrative or processing fees to meet this overwhelming need.

How you can help:

  • Click here and choose Relief to help now. Do it today.
  • Send a check with the word Relief in the memo. Do it today.
  • Text any amount to 918-208-0866, add the word Relief, and hit send (For example: $500 Relief). Do it today.

Grace and peace to you…and God help Ukraine…and may His Kingdom be advanced.


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