Scarcity and Resourcefulness

Scarcity and Resourcefulness
March 19, 2020 Ric Shields

March 2020

Dear Partners & Friends,

In Cuba, those who attended Simply Sisters® events ranged from first-time visitors, Christians needing encouragement, and to those actively practicing witchcraft. While over 50 women made decisions to follow Christ, we also rejoice in the seeds that were planted among the over 300 women who attended the events!

“Who has come as an invited guest? Please stand so we can welcome you.” We were surprised to see over 50% of the ladies at the event stand up in response! When we host Simply Sisters® events, our hope is that it will be a fun event; a place where ladies will feel comfortable inviting friends and family who would not normally enter a church on Sunday or any other day.

The Living Word brings life!

Did you know that every woman who comes to a Simply Sisters® event receives a gift bag? Women’s events with special treats, gift bags, storytelling and crafts are not common occurrences in a country defined by both scarcity and resourcefulness. Along with handmade items and chocolates, they also receive a packet with 6 scripture cards. The cards are printed with verses of encouragement and hope in Spanish on one side and English on the other. At one of the events, a guest excitedly opened her gift bag and read aloud every one of the verses in her card packet. It was so encouraging to see the Living Word bringing life and hope to these sweet ladies!

At another event, one lady seemed enthusiastic and anxious. Her attention was fixed on those seated nearby. She intently observed their responses to the testimonies given by others and the presentation of the Gospel. Following the event, she told us it was difficult for her to be the very first Christian in her family but love for them compelled her to share her faith. She had invited both her cousin and aunt to that Simply Sisters® event. Imagine her immeasurable joy as she watched her aunt make a decision to follow Jesus that evening!

Ric & Sheila Shields and I are so grateful for your partnership with DoorWays® and your help to make our time of ministry in Cuba a success for the Kingdom of God. Like Ric often says, “Because of all you do, we do all we can to share the love, grace, and joy found in following Jesus wherever we go.

Blessings to you!

Rachel Middleton

Associate Director – Simply Sisters®


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