Places We Can’t Identify

Places We Can’t Identify
February 2, 2020 Ric Shields

January 2020

Though we had hoped our daughter-in-law, Blair, would join us on a Simply Sisters® outreach soon, her tragic death in December now prevents it. In another sense, however, Blair’s passing provided a way in which we could share her heart and joy.

Blair was a discussion group leader in Bible Study Fellowship. She genuinely loved Jesus and found great value learning about and sharing insights from God’s Word. She easily made friends from persuasions different than her own while continuing to let her light and love for others shine.

After her passing, some dear friends made donations to DoorWays® in her memory. We chose to apply those generous gifts to upcoming Simply Sisters® outreaches, believing both Blair and Jesus would be honored.

New believers attending a Simply Sisters event in Mexico City.

The first outreach concluded just two weeks ago in Mexico City. Miraculous stories of God’s presence and intervention became almost common. Of the 300 women who attended the events, nearly one-third made professions of faith in Christ. Local churches are providing the follow-up necessary to help disciple those new believers.

The next outreach will take place in a few days on an island nation a few miles south of Florida. While our visas make it necessary for us to not openly reveal the location, we know God has already gone before us and is preparing the hearts of people. The extreme poverty shared by the residents there means no ministry like Simply Sisters® exists among them. We hope to inspire church leaders to adopt a ministry like this to encourage the ladies living within their sphere of influence. Originally, it was suggested we prepare for up to 300 women. Recently, that number was increased to around 400. Previous experience tells us to prepare for 500. The cost of the items we provide is nearly $4 per person.

It’s very possible that Blair would have joined us on this trip. Gifts received on her behalf make it possible for us to help fund a portion of the expenses we will incur, but more sponsors would be very, very helpful. Would you consider sponsoring 10, 25, or even 50 ladies with your gift of $40, $100, or $200? Additional outreaches in the months to come in Arizona and Mexico City need funding help, too.

Because of all you do, we do all we can to share the love, grace, and joy found in following Jesus wherever we go…even when we go to places we can’t openly identify.


Ric & Sheila Shields


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