Where Did it Go?

Where Did it Go?
July 21, 2022 Ric Shields

Financial accountability of ministries is important. That’s why I am taking the next few sentences to report on the funds we received for Ukrainian relief efforts.

We hoped to raise $5,000 and DoorWays® committed to match that amount. To our surprise, we received much more than the amount we requested. So far we have distributed $34,500 to nine different ministries caring for Ukrainian refugees. Those ministries are:

  • Awakening Hope (Jim & Pam King) has provided humanitarian relief to Ukraine since 1995. The House of Joy in Kahovka, Ukraine cares for orphans in that city. Since the Russian invasion, they have provided for many people seeking refuge from the conflict.
  • Global Infusion (Lloyd & Nataliya Hanebury) began serving as missionaries to Ukraine nearly 20 years ago. In addition to other duties, they recently provided a special camp for children who have fled Ukraine and are refugees in Poland.
  • Lalo & Edith Sosa began serving as missionaries from Argentina to Belarus and Ukraine nearly 30 years ago. While their assignment has taken them different directions in recent years, their heart for Ukraine led them back to assist with refugees, especially for those relocated to Poland.
  • Chase & Bella **** were married a month ago and are already involved in Ukrainian refugee ministry. We are not disclosing their full names or their sending organization since they will also be involved in refugee ministries in the Middle East.
  • Messiah’s Compassion (Jeff Coose) has ministered to the Jewish population in Ukraine for over 30 years. Many Ukrainians have found refuge in the Czech Republic where Jeff has been helping them to settle until they can return to their homeland.
  • Open Door Foundation (Vitaliy & Natalia Smolin) serve on the ground in Ukraine. They provide food and shelter for refugees as resources permit. They also purchased a bus to aid refugees fleeing from war-torn areas.
  • Samaritan’s Purse has served more than 1.5 million people throughout the first four months of this response. They have distributed nearly 7,000 metric tons of food within Ukraine in partnership with the local church.
  • Warrior’s Journey has engaged in bringing life-saving aid and assistance to the people of Ukraine through the work of teams on the ground and partners in Germany, Poland, and Ukraine. They have assisted both on the border and in transporting and coordinating housing for refugees.
  • Ukraine Hope in Action (Nancy Wespetal, M.D.) had established a clinic – Ukraine Hope in Action – prior to the beginning of the conflict. She provides medical care to those with a health crisis, have been injured in the conflict, or are displaced. She currently ministers to refugees in Poland and in Ukraine providing medicine, food, and transportation for evacuees.

I wish Vladimir Putin’s “Special Operation” would stop and refugees could return to their homeland. But entire cities have been leveled by Russian forces – homes and businesses have been obliterated and thousands of men, women and children have been killed and buried in mass graves. Even if they could return to Ukraine there is no going “home.”

Don’t allow the lack of interest by the media lull you into thinking there is no longer a war in Ukraine. Join me in praying for peace, restoration, and a harvest of many souls for the Kingdom of God.


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