What Happened in Topeka?

What Happened in Topeka?
July 14, 2020 Ric Shields

I sensed the Holy Spirit speak to me on April 21, 1990 while driving past an old school building in Topeka, KS. It was not about a brick and mortar building. Rather, it was about building, equipping, and empowering people. Though none of it made sense at the time, I wrote down the thoughts as they poured into my mind. If the ideas were really from the LORD there was every reason to believe He would bring them to fruition at the proper time.

A few years had passed by the time I transferred those notes to a file on my computer. Later, I copied them onto my phone and have periodically reviewed them over the past 30 years. The list included topics like the ones listed below:

The Call of God  –  Priority of Family  –  Basic Bible Doctrines  –  Preaching

Prayer  –  Devotional Life  –  Agency Affiliation  –  Communication

Accounting/Bookkeeping  –  Insurance  –  IRS Reporting  –  Special Projects

Outreach Teams  –  Writing Skills  –  Preparing for Retirement  –  Providing a Legacy

I quit sporadically checking the list not too long ago. Now, I review it almost every day and realize there are many more topics we can add to it.

We have been building the DoorWays® Leadership and Influence Network (DLIN) for the past six months. We believe influence is an expression of healthy leadership, and the best leadership is measured by its influence. If you consider yourself a “marketplace missionary” and want to grow your influence, you will want to become a part of DLIN with us. Let me know if this is something that speaks to your heart and what it might mean for you.

What happened in Topeka won’t stay in Topeka. After waiting over 30 years, it feels like we are ready to begin all over again.

Influence is Leadership


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