“This Is Too Fancy!”

“This Is Too Fancy!”
November 5, 2014 Ric Shields
Sheila with ladies at the Simply Sisters event.

“This is too fancy!”

I didn’t pay much attention to his comment. The young man was a staff member at the retreat center in Egypt and was helping us to set-up for our Simply Sisters event.

When he returned a few minutes later, he continued his critique. “People don’t do things like this in Egypt; especially for the women. Men don’t even do things like this for their wives.” He had no idea he was playing into our motivation for hosting the event.

Each of the 50 ladies at the conference was the wife or daughter of a pastor or church leader. The ladies work hard, typically receive little or no recognition, and are generally marginalized in society. While their opinions may not be sought, their unflagging support and hard work are fully expected.

“That’s why we do this,” I told him. “We want to do something to encourage the ladies. We want them to know they are special, too.”

Soft drinks, cakes, pastries and a small gift were at each seat. When the ladies walked in, their smiles lit up the room. They talked and laughed as we presented a message of encouragement especially for them. There was a powerful time of ministry and prayer at the event that helped to connect the generations — younger and older — with each other.

Life in a difficult environment can exact a big toll. We hope our deposit of love, grace, and appreciation will help them to continue their tasks (dare I say, “their ministries”) with joy in the days ahead.

Especially to those who gave and prayed for this outreach – Thank You for helping us to bless these special women. You blessed us and we blessed them because of you.



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