The Difference You Make

The Difference You Make
August 3, 2018 Ric Shields

In just a few weeks we will have completed 28 years of ministry with DoorWays®. God has allowed us incredible opportunities we never anticipated, and we are so very grateful for them all.

We are also grateful for your partnership with DoorWays®. Without the generous gifts and support of our partners, we could not accept the many opportunities that come our way. Thank you so very much!

We returned home from Mexico City around 11:00 pm this past Saturday. In our 21 days there we participated with 77 team members and served nearly 4,000 people.

  • Sheila provided nearly 200 eye exams.

    During the first week, a team from Eastland A/G in Tulsa, OK (21 people) provided medical, optical, hair care, and children’s ministry that ministered to over 1,200 people and saw 350 men, women, young adults, teenagers and children askJesus to forgive their sins and be the LORD of their lives.

  • In the second week, a youth team (30 team members) from our church, Carbondale A/G in Tulsa, OK distributed 500 bags of back-to-school supplies to kids from disadvantaged homes. We spent the day at each of four churches with various crafts and activities just for kids and ended each day with a special presentation of music, games, and the Gospel. Hundreds of kids and adults received Jesus during that outreach, too.

    Our supply of glasses was nearly exhausted by the end of the week.

  • In the third week, our medical, dental, optical, hair care, and children’s ministry teams consisted of 32 people from Mt. Pisgah Wesleyan Church in Ontario, WI; Parkview Baptist in Black River Falls, WI; Fireside Church in Kiefer, OK; and Carbondale A/G ministered to almost 1,300 people and rejoiced with over 250 who received Christ. Many friends helped to provide funds for us to purchase 460 pairs of new glasses to distribute. Even then, our supply of glasses was exhausted by the end of the week.

We came home tired but so thankful for the opportunity to work with each team and with Operation Serve International.

Your giving makes a difference, and we hope it encourages you to know the difference you make as we labor together.


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