Have I Mentioned This?

Have I Mentioned This?
June 3, 2023 Ric Shields

Rob Benson is an executive and corporate coach. He says, “Communicate your core values. If they are really core, they are really important.”

Rob and his wife, Melissa, have been our friends since before DoorWays® started. Why did I wait until interviewing him for a recent podcast to hear this advice? After the recording ended, he went on to say, “You can’t tell people who you are if you don’t really know.”

Have you considered writing core values for your family? Once you know them, it’s easy to share them. Perhaps it’s time for you to consider those traits you highly value, talk about them, write them down, and refer to them often. Like my friend Rob says, “If they are really core, they are really important.”

These are our core values. Do you think they clearly identify us?

  • Grace: We lead with and deliver grace. (Eph 1:7-8)
  • Integrity: Our actions match our intentions. (1 Pet 2:12)
  • Relationships: We cultivate our field of relationships. (1 John 4:11-12)
  • Encouragement: We encourage both strugglers and overcomers. (1 Thess 5:11)
  • Leadership: We lead by example and follow exemplary leaders. (Rom 12:6-8)

Expanding the ministries and staff of DoorWays® and Simply Sisters® requires us to maintain a shared vision. Knowing our core values and clearly communicating them is essential for us to walk the same path.

Simply Sisters® is doing a phenomenal job of ministering to a broad spectrum of women. The DoorWays® Leadership and Influence Network podcast has been downloaded in 32 states and 13 countries. We also provide regular opportunities for our 50 credentialed ministers to learn and grow in their respective ministries.

Have I mentioned we are expanding our staff?




P.S. If you need an executive or corporate coach, consider contacting Rob Benson at Robert@RFBCaching.com. He’s really, really good.


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